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   SilJa is a Latvian company which is agricultural, forest and communal machinery trade company. We also offer spare parts, warranty service and maintance. Company was established in 1995. In addition company is selling horticultural products, seeds, fertilizers and garden equipment.


   SilJa is official representative of well know brands DEUTZ-FAHR and KUHN already for long time. Company over years created good collabration with well recognized brand producers all over Europe.

     SilJa also cooporates with LACC (Latvian Agricultural Advisory Centre), Latvian University of Agriculture, Selection and testing stations, agricultural training institutions and schools, Farmers Parliament, LAOCC (Agricultural Organizations Cooperation Council) as well as the Finnish and Latvian Ministry of Agriculture.


   Total number of projects have been implemented, giving both material support and knowledge of a number of farms in various sectors and industries.




We are members:

Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers and Traders Association Employers of Marupe