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   Being one of the leading multi-sector companies with a highly qualified team of professionals, based on customer satisfaction and employee wellfare.




   To build SilJa Ltd. as friendly, loyal, representatives team of high professionalism, the development, material wellfare and success is based on a multi-company employee and customer wellfare.





   Customer understanding - we know and understand customers and take care of development of customer s business success.

   It is important to us to have our business partners, customers and public recognition - a fair, open to mutual success-oriented cooperation, the principle of "business to business", to prove ourselves as a reliable and long-term business partners.

  Staff - professional performers of their profession, and the possibility of specific, individual tasks on a regular basis to improve their professionalism.

   Infrastructure / environment - to create an attractive environment for each branch of SilJa Ltd. - cozy working conditions for SilJa Ltd. staff, pleasant atmosphere for customers and partners, tidy and beautiful environment for locals.