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     Our partners, about each of them we can speak with pride that gives confidence in the quality of products.




Partnership company
Machinery, spare parts

 Cultivation, seeding-machines, hay-balers, wrappers, corn seeding-machines/ choppers, hay preparation equipment, harvester of ditches,fertilizer spreaders
Tractors, combines, loader wagons SDF GROUP
Quicke logo   GTS_TIGGES-logo Homburg logo 
Front loaders and implements  Tillage compactors, rolls Drain cleaners 

Seeding cassettes, equipment for nurseries, planting barrels

Agricultural trailers, manure spreaders Agricultural trailers
  kts-logo Murska-logo
Machines for nurseries  Forest trailers, hydraulic manipulators, implements Grain rollers
Vegetable planters Slurry tankers, compact loaders Nurseries potting machines
 Grain storage and pretreatment facilities Sprinklers Front loaders
 Supertech Agroline ApS    
 Grain moisture meter  Vegetable sorting machines Turf big bag dosers
mcconnel-logo sauter_logo
Vegetable and potatoe technology machines, communal equipment

Telecopic hedge and grass mowers, rotary mowers

Front linkage equipment

 Sprayer nozzles, equipment
GPS Parallel guidance system

Snow ploughs and brushes Snow ploughs and brushes 




Pots, cassettes




Fertilizers, household chemicals

Garden surfaces

Fertilizers, different types of substrates


 Decorative pots

Decorative pots

Pipe plants

Professional flower seeds