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New equipment installation and start work;

Customer training to work with the newly acquired techniques;

Warranty and repairs after the warranty period;

Technical advice on the use and regulation.



 Starting a new technique initial work is free!




The technical work is done in - patient - our repair area and the visit to the customer.

We provide:

diagnostics, calibration and repair of equipment;

electronics and electrical repairs;

climatic equipment, A / C service.


Technically, are provided for the engine, transmission and other assembly overhaul, according to manufacturer factory standards;

Provides developers with an oil and filter collection and delivery processing;

Guarantee work and quality of materials.




Immediate guarantees cases of abuse and prevention, provide personalized customer service - repair time and cost of coordination;

Continuous improvement in the knowledge and improve technical equipment;

We work with many local and foreign suppliers to ensure economically viable service possible revamping of your old nodes;

We provide services not only represented types Silja brand, but also for other equipment